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The credit counselors at Money Management International (MMI) know that being in debt is no way to start the New Year. They created this Web site to help you get through the season with your budget and your sanity in tact.

Whether you are a fan or foe, regifting has become a phenomenon. Regifting experiences can range from resourcefully refined to a comedic disaster; it’s all about the five ‘Ws’ (who, what, when, where, & why). In our opinion, if you are going to do it, do it right! With this holiday season’s particularly tight budgets, it only makes sense to talk about all possible ways to stretch your resources.

In addition to regifting, the folks at MMI love to talk about pregifting, postgifting, ungifting, misgifting, multigifting and nongifting. In fact, the experts at MMI have developed materials that cover a wide range of topics; all to help you financially survive the holidays. So if your holiday debt typically outlasts your fruitcake, consider giving yourself a gift this holiday season; the gift of freedom from financial worries. (After all, the holidays are supposed to be fun!)

If you are a member of the media looking to share gifting enlightenment with your audience, check out our 2010 press release or give us a call.
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