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Chances are you have either given or been given a regift. In fact, whether you are a fan or foe, regifting has become a phenomenon.

Since the folks at Money Management International are givers, we wanted to share some of our thoughts about holiday gifting.In addition to gifting, we’ll cover a variety of ways consumers can keep their budgets (and sanity!) in tact. We also invite you to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas about holiday spending.

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Tis the season for giving, not getting!
Posted by Tanisha Warner on 12/16/2008
There is an interesting discussion and contest occurring on where parents are sharing stories about teaching kids the importance of giving for a chance to win $500 for their child?s school. I?m sure if you were to ask any kid, under the age of ten, what the holidays mean to them they will go on and on about all the great gifts and holiday treats they expect to receive this year. For children, we?ve officially entered the season of ?getting? not ?giving.?

Consider shaking up your gift-giving tradition this year with the kids in your family. Instead of spoiling them with a bunch of new toys, video games, and a bunch of other stuff they may not remember or appreciate this time next year, consider a few of the following and give them the gift of opportunity to become a giver:

?Encourage them to regift one gift to charity or to a friend or another family member.

?Encourage them to gift some of their time to help with things such as a few hours of yard work for a neighbor, or laundry for a busy mom.

?Replace one of their gifts for money or a gift card to be used on a gift for someone else.

?Encourage them to spend time out from watching TV or playing video games to create homemade gifts for friends.

There are many things parents can do to teach their children the importance of giving. The most important is to lead by example, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

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