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2006 ArchiveContest Winners has hosted several successful contests with regifting story submissions ranging from horrific to hilarious. During each contest, site visitors rated their favorite stories and three lucky regifters won some great prizes. Following are the 2010 contest winners:

First Place Story Winner

First Place

Unselfish Regifting
By: Twila
From: Wichita
Posted: 11/27/2006
Ribbons: 5952

  When my daughter was in 6th grade she had a friend whose mother I knew casually. The girl spent a lot of time at our house because her mother spent a lot of time running around. That Christmas Eve they showed up at our door about 10pm and asked if the girl could stay the night as her mom had a date. The mother said she would buy her something for Christmas later. My kids were real slim on Christmas and it was far too late to go buy anything at all. Christmas morning came and the girl was really sad but tried not to show it. Before we opened presents my girl pulled me off to the side and asked if I would pull some of her presents out and give them to her friend instead. What could I do? Mine did not have much but if that was what she wanted. She just kept shaking her head until her friend had about half of her presents. The look on that little girls face was priceless. My daughter regifted without ever knowing what she was regifting.


First Place Story Winner

Second Place

Passed down Art
By: Coleen
From: Trenton
Posted: 11/26/2006
Ribbons: 3929

  When I was expecting my son, who is now 17, my husbands Aunt Rosemary designed and gave me a lovely watercolor of the Hare and the Tortise. She was a well known artist and I treasured the picture. It hung in my son's nursery and I used it to teach him colors, shapes and the story of patience and tolerance. As he grew, the picture was replaced by a poster of the Ninja turtles and he gave the picture to his baby sister. It hung in her room till she was about 8, when it was replaced by a picture of ballet dancers.
Aunt Rosemary died several years ago, she is still missed by all. Last year, her oldest grandaughter gave birth to daughter. I had the picture reframed and gave it to her as I, and my children, thought it would be wonderful for the picture to hang in the nursery of the artist 1st great-grandchild. It is my hope that the picture will be passed down thru the years. I feel that Rosemary would approve. She was a treasure.


First Place Story Winner

Third Place

Trying to impress
By: Iona
From: Dayton
Posted: 11/13/2006
Ribbons: 3889

  I didn't know my fiance's step-mom too well when she invited me to go shopping with her. I wanted to make a good impression and because of the uncomfortable silence, I decided to make comments about several items in the store that she liked. I would say things like "Oh, that's cute!" just to break the silence, even if I didn't actually like the item. At Christmas, to my surprise, my fiance's dad and step-mom had gotten me one of the things I had mentioned. Needless to say, I didn't like it at all. Next year, around Christmas time, I couldn't think of a gift for my fiance's mother. I knew that his mom and dad/step-mom don't visit each other so I decided to give her my gift from the previous year. She really liked the gift until a "welcome to the family" card signed by her ex-husband and new wife fell out of the box. Not only did I fail to impress my fiance's dad and step-mom once they heard about it, I probably ruined my chances with my future mother-in-law as well.



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