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2007 ArchiveContest Winners has hosted several successful contests with regifting story submissions ranging from horrific to hilarious. During each contest, site visitors rated their favorite stories and three lucky regifters won some great prizes. Following are the 2010 contest winners:

First Place Story Winner

First Place

Six Degrees of Bear
By: Monserrate
From: Bronx
Posted: 12/18/2007
Ribbons: 716

  A lot of people collect things like dolls or baseball cards - my sister collects bear paraphernalia. So it came as no surprise when she bought me a bear figurine for Christmas, but this was no ordinary figurine, it had no place of origin, I'm guessing the country it was made in didn't want their reputation ruined. Then there was the off-colored patch of fur on his chest that looked as though the bear had found a twelve-pack of beer and vomited all over himself. One of his eyes was wide open and the other looked badly swollen. Once my sister left, I did the honorable thing; I found him a better home but it almost did six degrees of separation on me. I gave him to a neighbor who loves knickknacks, and she loved him as much as I did because she sent it to her daughter, who then gave it to an elderly neighbor, who gave it to a repairman and he later sold it to my sister on Ebay as an "Exotic Bear Statue." My sister called, "I saw the same Bear I got you...on Ebay, with the same box tear!"


First Place Story Winner

Second Place

Back of the Closet
By: Erica
From: San Antonio
Posted: 12/07/2007
Ribbons: 391

  My mom cleans out my dads closet and often finds his old presents he has never used up in the back of the closet. One year for Christmas, I decided my sister, brother, mother and I should go shopping- in his closet- and regift his gifts and give him gifts that have never been used and that were in fact his already. Well Christmas comes around and he's opening up his gifts. The first gift was a putting tee for an office. His response was "This is great! I'm definitely going to use it!" The next gift comes around and he gets this confused look on his face but doesn't say anything except, of course, that he loves that gift too. The third gift is unwrapped and he was very confused and said "What's going on? Haven't I seen this before?" Naturally, we're all laughing by this point and he realizes that we have just regifted his own gifts to him. Well now he's a little more thoughtful about where his gifts go- or he just found a better hiding spot for them than the back of his closet.


First Place Story Winner

Third Place

The Necklace
By: Jamie
From: Sharpsville
Posted: 12/18/2007
Ribbons: 221

  I'm a male bartender and this has become one of my customers' favorite stories.

Several years ago I was dating a girl named Allison. I bought her an emerald necklace (Her birthstone) for Christmas. She broke up with me the day after Christmas (apparently she didn't like it as much as I thought she would) and gave the gift back to me because she felt bad. Well thanks, now I have this expensive emerald necklace that has been "tainted" by me giving to a girl.

This past year I started dating another girl, who also was named Allison, when I had a brilliant (to me) idea. I gave Allison (#2) the necklace, she loved it. Long story how she found out, but a few weeks later she found out that it was a re-gift... and broke up with me immediately.

I now have that necklace in a very well-hidden place so I won't be tempted to give it to anyone else. However I now have the perfect way to get out of a failing relationship!



By: Carson
From: Baltimore
Posted: 11/07/2007
Ribbons: 27


Well, we all know that rodents can be the gift that keeps on giving. When I was twelve, my uncle, in a fit of genius, gave my cousins each a hampster at Thanksgiving. Genius, right? He got both females so there would be no little hampster problems running around. Unfortunately, his plan was a bust. Two days after Thanksgiving, the first hampster delivered a beautiful litter of ten. The next day, hampster number 2, not to be shown up by her sister, presented the family with twelve adorable baby hampsters.

Now, my uncle had the sense not to tell anyone about the miracles residing in his basement and instructed my aunt and cousins to keep it quiet on pain of death if they spoke. And for Christmas that year, he presented all his nieces and nephews with, oh yes, a baby hampster.

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