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2008 ArchiveContest Winners has hosted several successful contests with regifting story submissions ranging from horrific to hilarious. During each contest, site visitors rated their favorite stories and three lucky regifters won some great prizes. Following are the 2010 contest winners:

First Place Story Winner

First Place

A Welcomed Regifting
By: Monserrate T.
From: Bronx, NY
Posted: 11/11/2008
Ribbons: 1819


During the Christmas of 2005, my sister called me up and made mention of the fact that our brother and his wife had gotten her a beautiful Pink Cashmere Robe, but that the robe was too SMALL for her. My sister told me that she called them up to apologize and was going to mail it back with a letter explaining her gratitude and her inability to wear it. Last Christmas I received a gorgeous cashmere robe from my brother and his wife, it was pink and boxed in an attractive box, sometimes presentation is everything and everything about this gift was just perfect! The coincidence hadn't registered yet. Then I noticed a loose piece of folded paper inside of the box. I thought it was a letter from my brother and his wife, but I saw that the letter was from my sister, to my brother and his wife, saying, "I love itI do! I tried it on and it's too LARGE for me. I am so sorry. I'm sure it will fit Monse just fine." I'm wearing it as I type and yes, it does fit me just fine.


First Place Story Winner

Second Place

Gram's Grocery Gift
By: Dawn S.
From: Burlington, CT
Posted: 11/12/2008
Ribbons: 1815


My grandmother was the quintessianial 'Thrifty Yankee'; she always told us stories of growing up during the Great Depression, and how she had to quit school to go to work so that the family had money for food.

Through the years we all were used to Gram's giving one of her grandkids something that someone else may have given her at one time. She considered it thrifty, a way to save money. (even though she didn't need to save at that point!)

The funniest re-gift turned out to be the one to her great grandson. Tyler was two at the time, and opened up a Christmas card to find a gift card to the local Stop & Shop grocery store, which one of us had given her! Yes, he ran right out to the grocery store to buy some bread and milk!

We still laugh about it at Christmas. God bless my Gram, I still miss her, she's been gone for two years now, but happy memories live on!


First Place Story Winner

Third Place

Tiny cheerleader
By: Amy B.
From: Pearland, TX
Posted: 12/10/2008
Ribbons: 1485


In 8th grade, I was a terrible cheerleader and try to block those memories. That Christmas, my mom gave me a tiny cheerleader figure, about 3 inches tall. The cheerleader was soft and had held-out arms that could be squeezed apart at the shoulders to grasp an object or perhaps a finger. She was blonde and complete with a red outfit and freckles.
In the spirit of BFFs, I decided to give her to my best friend, a great cheerleader, when she was having a very bad day. She perked up immediately.
I forgot about the tiny cheerleader after awhile. A few years later, one of my grandfathers died, and I was devastated. My best friend was still a cheerleader, and I was in band. Soon after she found out about my grandfather, she gave me the same tiny cheerleader. It was so random that I couldn't help laughing a little.
Now that we are older, we continue to pass her between us for luck or just as a mood lifter. This tiny cheerleader has brought a lot of joy to us.



Regifting Game
By: Kat M.
From: Burbank, CA
Posted: 11/2/2008
Ribbons: 46


While cleaning out my office, Ive found many things I was given but never used, or things I bought for someone, but never gave them. I also have things I made by hand, which never reached their intended receiver for some reason.

I am taking part in National Blog Posting Month this Nov., and decided to hold a "Giveaway a Day" to give these items away. Its not to sell or promote anything, just to have some fun and get rid of all this stuff!

There is the chance that someone will see this and be offended - like my daughter in law, who asked for specific colors in the scarf I made her, but hasn't taken it with her, no matter how many times shes reminded! Or my sister, whose kids have received holiday and birthday gifts from us every year, but never sent our kids anything or said thank you!

Oh well! I'm tired of looking at it, so it'll go to someone who wants it now!

Hey! If YOU want some of this stuff, you can enter to win at

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