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2009 ArchiveContest Winners has hosted several successful contests with regifting story submissions ranging from horrific to hilarious. During each contest, site visitors rated their favorite stories and three lucky regifters won some great prizes. Following are the 2010 contest winners:

First Place Story Winner

First Place

Mom? regifter?
By: Nadine L.
From: Merrimack, NH
Posted: 11/2/2009
Ribbons: 2072


My Mom was given two adorable stuffed bears for her birthday in November by a co-worker. She thought they were cute, but she felt "silly being a 60 year old woman with stuffed animals" So they were put away and not seen again, until a year later when I opened my Xmas present. A beautiful gift basket and the basket were the bears. I almost died laughing, my reaction was "Mom?!?!? You?re a regifter????" to which she simply said, "why not, I would never have them out and I know you liked them and would display them somewhere ?She was right of course, but I was still floored, who knew Mom was a regifter? It simply wasn't possible. Not my Mom. I lost her 2 years later and those two little bears (one an Angel bear) now mean the world to me. I look at them every day and am so glad Mom was a regifter. I know that Angel bear in particular is my Mom watching over me and letting me know everything is ok. I was never a regifter, but I believe in it now.


Second Place Story Winner

Second Place

Yankee Frugality!
By: Dawn S.
From: Burlington, CT
Posted: 11/9/2009
Ribbons: 1856


My grandmother grew up during the Great Depression. There was never a lot of money growing up, and the family grew up hearing stories about how tight money was when they were little. Consequently, regifting was something she regularly did.

My beloved grandmother lived to be almost 92, and over the years we got used to getting odd gifts from my Gram. Many were gifts that she had received and didn't think she needed. It wasn't unusual for me to receive a gift that my sister or Mom had given her the year before. Being brought up the right way, we would always look surprised on Christmas Day, and thank her so much for her gift.

Gram has been gone 3 years now, and I still think back fondly on the 'unusual' gifts that I would receive from her each Christmas!


Third Place Story Winner

Third Place

The White Elephant
By: Jennifer N.
From: Burbank, CA
Posted: 11/16/2009
Ribbons: 279


My family gets together with 5 other families each year the week before Christmas. The tradition started back when each set of parents realized they would all buy trees and decorate their houses, but hardly anyone would end up seeing their hard work. So we spend a day going from house to house, with traditions at each. We end with a white elephant gift exchange, the kind where everyone picks a number and you either get to steal from someone who went before you or pick a new gift. One year, about 7 years ago, someone brought an actual ceramic white elephant. It was more popular than the gift certificates others opened! Now it gets brought back every year, and it's the regift everyone wants to end up with!


Random Winner

Check for Engraving
By: Julie S.
From: Baton Rouge, LA
Posted: 12/2/2009
Ribbons: 14


Spring of 1997, enjoying being a new mom with infant daughter, Anna. A neighbor brought over a gift for the new babe. It was a lovely sterling silver brush and comb set. When I opened the box, I saw that the items had been engraved with the birthdate ...but not MY daughter's birthdate; it was HER daughter's birthdate from a few months earlier! Moral of story, check over the item carefully before regifting. I never told the neighbor about it because I did not want to embarrass her. But, the sad part is that somebody went to a lot of trouble to get it engraved and the intended recipient never realized it. Also, I did not keep it either because it was the wrong date! So, nobody got to enjoy the gift; I passed it on to Good Will.

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