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2010 ArchiveContest Winners has hosted several successful contests with regifting story submissions ranging from horrific to hilarious. During each contest, site visitors rated their favorite stories and three lucky regifters won some great prizes. Following are the 2010 contest winners:

First Place Story Winner

First Place

Who woulda thunkit?
By: Jenny N.
From: Studio City, CA
Posted: 11/24/2010
Ribbons: 149


Two years ago for my mom's birthday, she was given a gift card to a local boutique from one of her students. The store wasn't really my mom's kind of store, so she didn't use it. When Christmas came around a few months later and my brother was looking for a present for his new girlfriend, my mom offered the gift card. He happily accepted because why wouldn't he?

His girlfriend called a couple weeks later. She had gone to use the gift card and upon checkout, had been wished "Happy Birthday Mrs. Smith!" Apparently the boutique kept track of gift card purchases and made personal notes, for the personal touch.

His girlfriend said at the time she was very shocked, as they'd only been dating a few months and she was being called Mrs. Smith already. He confessed how he's gotten the card, and she got a good laugh.

We rehash this story every year at Christmas and giggle about it.


Second Place Story Winner

Second Place

Thanks co-worker...
By: Robert M.
From: Los Angeles, CA
Posted: 12/7/2010
Ribbons: 128


My co-worker gifted me a 7-in-1 tool last Christmas. It was kind of neat except I already had a swiss army knife which did all 7, so I didn't open it. This year I gave it to my friend for his birthday, and when he tore it open.. he said.. why are there fingerprints all over this?

My co-worker gave me a USED 7-in-1 tool last year! Hahaha. And I didn't notice since I never took it out of the box, so I was the one who got laughed at.

Ooops...last time I regift without looking at it first...


Third Place Story Winner

Third Place

Regifting Hairmare
By: Dawn K.
From: Somerset, PA
Posted: 12/29/2010
Ribbons: 45


Regifting Hairmare

Imagine my pleasure when I received a lovely electric razor from my sister-in-law one Christmas. Every woman wants sleek, smooth legs that are hair free without the possibility of nicks and cuts. The razor was a splurge I never would have bought for myself. I was the cheapskate who lathered up with Dial soap and shaved with a dull Bic razor. I couldn't wait to try it. Once home in the sanctuary of my tub, I turned the razor on and prepared my legs for the ultimate shave. Just as I was about to apply blades to leg, I noticed something fuzzy on the end of the razor. Upon close inspection, I discovered the ultimate regift? HAIR in the razor! Not only did I receive a used razor but I also received a large portion of her leg hair. The personal touch to the ultimate regift!


Random Winner

Wedding crystal
By: Kathy W.
From: Dallas, TX
Posted: 12/6/2010
Ribbons: 24


My daughter had a very large wedding. At one of the showers she opened a gift in front of many people. It was the ugliest crystal fruit bowl that you have ever seen- and inside was the card from the previous giver. Her maid of honor quickly whisked this gift away so others would not see. A few months later at the maid of honor's shower, she opened the same gift that now had two previous gift cards enclosed. This ugly bowl has now been presented to many new brides and is filled with cards to the "regifters". For a generation of Texas A & M brides it has become an honor to receive it!

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