What is RSS and why would I want it?

RSS is a way of getting “feeds” of content, like news, blogs, (or new regifting stories!) brought to you from web sites of your choice. You can read RSS feeds by getting a special browser called an “aggregator.” Once you have an aggregator, you can find feeds on the web and subscribe to them. (Tip: look on your favorite sites for RSS symbols like this one RSS icon.)

If you read various websites regularly, RSS is a great way to save time, because instead of you going to check for new content all the time, it does that for you, and then brings all the new content into one place for you to view it. Another nice thing about RSS is that unlike signing up for an email newsletter, with RSS you have control over whether or not you receive the content. You’re not giving out your personal information, and you can delete a feed at any time.

Find out more about RSS

Here are some articles that explain more about RSS and how to use it:
What is RSS - A user-friendly explanation from Kathleen Bright
What's RSS? - Blogger Seth Godin makes it easy

Our RSS feed

If you have an aggregator already, you can get our story feed here and blog feed here.

If you need an aggregator, you can visit our Feedburner page, and follow one of the links there to get an aggregator. Then add our feed and you'll be receiving new regifting stories in no time!